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Monday, January 03, 2011

At the Headquarters

In November we spent time at the Mercy Ships Headquarters in Texas where Tim was able to be part of the International Programs & Operations Conference. It's been the first opportunity for all the senior leadership from the Head office and the ship to meet together in one place. With the ship being in dry dock it was ideal time to do it.
It was also a good time for us to see what people do to support us on the ship and put a few faces to names that we have heard of for so long. It's amazing what it takes to keep us afloat, without all those that work so hard at our international offices, the ship could not operate. We were able to visit the newly built warehouse that sorts through all the supplies that come through our doors and pack the containers that we receive on the ship. Plus it was a nice opportunity to catch up with friends that have left the ship and moved to work there.
Tim also spent time with Marine Operations as they plan for the next outreach. Tim reports directly to Marine Operations and they run all the technical side of the ship. Meanwhile Nathanael and Sharon were able to go run through the autumn leaves in the grounds, visit the nearby farm and enjoy the space and fresh air for Nathanael to have a good run around.

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