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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What You See Is Not Always What You Get!

This weekend proved to be a treat for us, we got to go out as a family for the day. A couple of times we've driven on the road towards Benin and have noticed a huge sign "HOTEL LE LAC" but however much we tried, we could never find it. We had heard others had been and we were told that it was right on Togo Lake. Sounds wonderful. So last weekend we thought, this is it, we are going on the hunt for hotel le lac. A nice relaxing day near the pool, over looking the lake. Some friends came along with extra pairs of eyes to help us find the hidden haven. We had even looked up the website, www.hotellelactogo.com, kindly translated for us by google:
"For lovers of swimming, a large well-maintained pool is available in the heart of the hotel with views of Lake Togo. The lifeguards are there to teach you to swim or watch your children. We also welcome the swimming competitions under the supervision of our highly experienced lifeguards. The pool is free for hotel guests with room and pay for everything else. Forever you serve, we set foot on a monthly subscription with very competitive prices to help you to swim at any time according to your wishes"
sounds promising?!
We were successful, we found it, after a detour to a craft shop on the way. We parked up and walked in. From afar we thought this could be good and quiet.
But then we got closer to the swimming pool-hmmmm we have a problem!
it was VERY green.
So green we couldn't see the bottom and wouldn't be surprised if toads or something were living in the bottom of it. As you can imagine we promptly got back in the car and made our way back to a pool that we knew would be good. See if you can spot the colour difference in this video of Nathanael swimming.

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