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Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Long Does an Oxygen Bottle Last?

Last Thursday the fire alarm rang, crew fled from their cabins to gather on the dock. Thick smoke spread throughout the aft end of deck 5 on the Africa Mercy, seeping under cabin doors. Cabin checkers knocked on doors to check nobody was left. Fire teams rushed to the scene with fire hoses at the ready. At each muster station, lists of names are read out to ensure everybody is there.
Sounds dramatic eh?
Actually it's just a normal Thursday fire drill and the smoke was only pretend, although it did get one crew member worried when she saw the smoke filling up her cabin!
This is our wonderful fire team. They are ready to respond to any alarm at any time of the day or night and we could not do without them.......it makes us feel safe! Recently they did an experiment to see how long an oxygen bottle would last whilst walking up and down the dock. It was interesting to see how it varied from each person, depending on how they breath. Imagine walking in a full firemens outfit, along with mask, in the heat of the day in Monrovia....not a nice thing to do, but these guys did it and now know how much air they have!

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