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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Man Utd Show Room Centre

We are fascinated by the sights we see when we drive around Liberia, whether it's from a guy with a great big TV on his head, women selling chicken feet at the market, everybody seemingly walking around with English football club umbrellas (where did they get them from?), gas filling stations with, what appear to be, only glass jars with petrol in, lots of wheelbarrows with goods for sale and beauty salons which look worse then anyones backyard shed. From time to time we will share pictures of these sights. This one is particularly for Sharon's Dad, our friend, Jamie Fox and all those Manchester United fans out there. It actually says on the side of the shed that they do the following: charge phone, exchange money, cut hair and rent disc, so if you are ever stuck, you know where to come boys. (tip: if you click on the picture you can get a bigger view!)


Anonymous said...

They may not be too well off in Liberia but they've obviously got good taste!
Bob Hookins

Anonymous said...

Manchester who???? Never heard of them.

Jeanette Greenslade