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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Washington Redskins Player Comes to Town!

Now for the Americans reading this you might be saying "WOW", but for the Brits you will be saying "WHO?". We guess that's where we find our different cultures cross.
When NFL Washington Redskins player, Malcolm Kelly came to visit the ship, naturally, we wanted to get the photo and the autograph in!

Malcom Kelly (a committed Christian) has chosen to work with Mercy Ships as his chosen charity. Part of this included a trip down to Liberia to see Mercy Ships in action. He observed surgeries, visited the ward, visited Mercy Ships construction sites, and met the crew and the president of Liberia. He also met with officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Liberian Olympic Committee. Liberia's educational and sports initiatives were sidelined during the 14-year civil war and the nation struggles to make improvements to even the most basic health and living standards. Malcolm brought along his personal trainer, world-renowned sports performance coach Chip Smith from Competitive Edge Sports, based in Atlanta, Georgia. They held sessions for 35 Liberian coaches and athletes including members of the Olympic Team and Committee at the invitation of the National Minister of Youth and Sports. "Train the Trainer" sessions were held at the National Sports Complex which included teaching on sports theory and workout demonstrations and exercises.

Reports say that Malcolm was moved by his experience in Liberia. He said "Everywhere we went, people ran up to me to shake my hand and hug me, saying 'Thank you! Thank you!' I was a hero, but not because I'm a football player; it was because I was wearing a Mercy Ships Crew shirt. I don't think I've ever been more humbled and honored than to be considered a part of the Mercy Ships team".

It's great to have somebody like this working alongside Mercy Ships.

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