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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mercy Ships Global Day of Prayer - 3rd Nov 06

Walk out of the gates. Get going! Build the highway. Get at it! Clear the debris, hoist a flag, a signal to all peoples! - Isaiah 62:10 (The Message) The scripture above encapsulates the heart behind the Mercy Ships Global Day of Prayer. On Friday we came before our Heavenly Father and asked Him to clear the way for the Africa Mercy. Together we declared in the heavenlies that any obstacles, any debris that is trying to hinder the timely release of the Africa Mercy will be cleared in the name of Jesus. With our prayers we wanted to build the highway that will bring the Africa Mercy to the forgotten poor. All of Mercy Ships joined in a 24 hour period of continuous prayer. Staff & friends in New Zealand and Australia started off since they were awake before all the rest of us & the US West Coast concluded the day.
Of course this prayer doesn't stop on the 3rd November 2006 and we ask you to continue to hold these things up to God. Below you will see a list of the technical milestones that need to be reached in order for us to see the Africa Mercy completed by 15th December. Please use this as a focus for your prayers.
(Click here for guidance on how to structure a time of prayer.)
Yard Resonsibility 1. Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) ~~~a. Receive remaining controllers by 31-Oct-06…one delayed until Nov 21
~~~b. Complete installation of controllers by 25-Nov-06
~~~c. Testing, balancing, commissioning by 10-Dec-06…potential to take longer 2. Sewage System
~~~a. Repair/replace defective vacuum valves by 30-Nov-06…Commercial decision needs ~~~ to be made
~~~b. Transfer of sewage to treatment plant by 10-Nov-06 3. Public Address (PA) System
~~~a. Install amplifiers by 14-Nov-06… Still awaiting final approval from Class
~~~b. Test and commission system by 30-Nov-06 4. Fire Detection System
~~~a. Install/relocate 78 detector heads by 15-Nov-06…Potential issue with supplier
~~~b. Test and Commission by 30-Nov-06 5. Sprinkler System
~~~a. Identify solution to emerging problem by 1-Nov-06…Awaiting detailed ~~~calculations, looks like additional pump & tank will be necessary
~~~b. Install additional hardware by 20-Nov-06…Delivery time still unknown
~~~c. Test and commission by 30-Nov-06…Need revised plan approval back from class 6. Inclining Experiment by 28-Nov-06...Need good weather 7. Sea Trials by 7-Dec-06...All of above needs to be complete MERCY SHIPS RESPONSIBILITY 1. Lifeboats
~~~a. 50 man boats by 6-Nov-06…Certificates for wires - in process
~~~b. 150 man boats by 6-Nov-06…Certificates for brake modifications - in process
~~~c. Load test davits by 8-Nov-06…Dependant on above
~~~d. Install boats by 10-Nov-06…Dependant on above 2. Prepare for Inclining Experiment by 20-Nov-06…Remove/relocate all loose items ~~including spare gear 3. Complete Technical Manning by 1-Dec-06…In process
4. Complete necessary documentation by 30-Nov-06…In process 5. Complete Modifications to Oily Water Separator by 10-Nov-06… In process - Need to find ~~an oil sensor 6. Complete Testing of Incinerator by 10-Nov-06…In process 7. Familiarize and Train Technical Crew by 6-Dec-06…Need systems completed and ~~handed over from shipyard Program Departments Operation Departments
-Completion of all "paper work", such as certificates, to be presented to Bureau Veritas ~~~(the classification agency for the Africa Mercy). -Completion in good time of all equipment and tasks by suppliers. -Defeat of all enemy powers in all of these matters. -Setting up of the galley. All that needs to be done to get it to an operational status. -Moving on process of crew, departmental assets, furniture & fittings. -Funding proposal for IT equipment & 5 new vehicles. Education Departments -Pray that education within Mercy Ships reflects our core values and enables staff/crew ~for effective service.
Staffing -Staff shortages - as we approach the busy transition time more HR staff are needed on the ~Anastasis. -For current HR staff on the Anastasis and the very high workload as we process the ~applications for both the Africa Mercy and the Anastasis. -For the staff required in all departments on the Africa Mercy for the sail to Africa as so ~many have now come to the Anastasis.
Funding -That we are able to participate in the Rabobank reception/fundraiser on Dec 20 -That funding for the non-shipyard activities/items will be available -That our year-end fundraising will provide the needed funds to cover operating expenses ~and reduce ministry debt

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