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Friday, June 23, 2006


Living in a multi-cultural community we all like to take advantage of joining together for world events/competitions etc. In May we had the Europeans get together for our yearly Eurovision Song contest, along with some non-Europeans trying to work out why on earth we endure the contest and trying to figure out if it was serious or not. Of course we at Mercy Ships take it seriously as each of us fill out our little score cards after each song. One thing we came to realise was that our taste in “euro” music on the ship doesn’t seem to match the rest of Europe…what a sheltered life we must lead. Yesterday saw the head to head of Ghana v USA in the world cup. Tim has started to enjoy the football (Soccer) culture having already enjoyed some courtesy tickets to see matches at local grounds in Sunderland and Newcastle. With his department being made up of 50% Ghanaians the two just had to come together. See below for their reaction:
Congratulations Ghana.....now you've got to play Brazil!

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